Website 2 APK Builder - Alter your own Site to an Android Program. Connect your HTML, CSS, JS, or Web URL in an Android Program. Website 2 APK Builder is rather straightforward to use, just make incremental customizations to your own program, build although you finish it.

  • AUTO UPDATING: Programs maintain itself continuously synchronized with the most recent content on the website. All changes reflect live!
  • YOUR OWN BRANDING: We do not put any branding individuals, everyone the apps you produce will probably be completely your own private, white branded using personal branding.
  • MONETIZE WITH ADMOB: you'll be able to use Banner or Interstitial AdMob advertising and start earning through your apps instantly.
  • PULL TO REFRESH: Swipe or pull to refresh gesture within your app and make it look a whole lot more native.
  • NAVIGATION DRAWER: Just enter the links and title from the window, so the nav drawer is ready for your app.
  • 14 MATERIAL COLORS: Colours claims a fantastic bargain, we have set built-in 14 different styles to make your pick.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Sending Push notifications to help your growth from the present market, it keeps your clients engaged with the most recent content.
  • NO ANNOYING ADS: Unlike other providers, we do not put annoying ads in programs that you produce, only you configure just what to contain.
  • YOUR OWN KEYSTORE: Signal your apps using your Keystore, zero dependencies on us, only you signify your own program.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD TO USE: Strong pair of tools that allow you to customize everything and create stunning apps from the website.
  • NO CODING REQUIRED: You do not have to learn to code, the whole process is automatic, you are two or three clicks away from the app.
  • NATIVE JAVASCRIPT APIS: Specific JavaScript functions that allow you to interact with native android works by your Internet Programs.
  • GOOGLE PLAY COMPATIBLE: Newest API Level 29 to follow Google Play Developer recommendations, It's possible to publish them onto the Go.
  • CAN WORK OFFLINE: you will have the ability to produce an Offline working program with your HTML files, no internet connectivity is necessary.
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